How to Use CBD Isolate ?


CBD is a hot favorite topic of research among researchers, doctors, and pharmacologists. What is it that intrigues researchers about this wonderful cannabinoid?

Derived primarily from hemp, CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD. Using CBD can have beneficial effects. Hemp also has more than a hundred known other industrial applications.

Using CBD can have far-reaching effects on your health. People are using Cannabidiol for many reasons. Using CBD Oil or other concentrates may help you fight mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

Today we’ll be covering a detailed analysis of one of the Cannabidiol product assortments that are CBD Isolate.

After reading this article, we’re confident that you will be able to distinguish between different Cannabidiol merchandise on the market. Not only will be ready to differentiate between different forms of CBD you will also become aware of the various ways you could consume CBD isolate in your daily life.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids found in the holy plant of Cannabis. Recognized and celebrated for its therapeutic properties, Cannabidiol has managed to grow its fan following considerably over the last few years.

Originally discovered amidst the Second World War, Cannabidiol has only come under the spotlight for its wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Always consult a healthcare professional as CBD is still under research and CBD isolate or other CBD-infused products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease officially for now.

What is CBD Isolate?

Among various other Cannabidiol products on the market, CBD Isolate is one of the most hot-selling CBD products available.

As the name itself signifies, CBD Isolate refers to CBD that has been isolated from the other cannabinoids and/or plant material that usually accompanies Cannabidiol in several other forms of CBD products, for instance, Broad Spectrum/ Full spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD isolate has been a very popular form of consumption among Cannabidiol users for quite a while now. CBD may be extracted from all variants of Cannabis, however, since the highest concentration of Cannabidiol and the lowest concentration of THC is naturally found in Hemp, it is the most commonly used source for extracting CBD

CBD Isolate goes by many street names and slangs, with the most common of all being CBD crystal. This is partly because CBD Isolate resembles the crystalline structure of fine sugar. Not only is CBD Isolate the purest form of CBD that you can possibly imagine, but it is also THC free.

Yes! You heard us right. CBD isolate is 99.99% pure CBD.

CBD Isolates comes in both powdered and crystalline form. Cannabidiol Isolate in the form of powder can prove to be an easy choice for making homemade CBD edibles, creams, or vape e-juices.

CBD crystal which is also known as slab or shatter is more suited to individuals who are fond of dabbing. Other Cannabidiol edibles can also be made from the slab or shatter, however, Cannabidiol in crystalline form is optimized for dabbing.

What can you do with CBD isolate powder?

CBD isolates come to decarboxylate and activated. This simply means that CBD Isolate does not require any heat to be absorbed by our bodies.

We have outlined three methods you can use to take Cannabidiol. This will also answer your questions about how to use 99% pure CBD isolate.


Cannabidiol use through ingestion is a fairly simple and easy process that doesn’t take up much of your time. You can use CBD isolate in various ways.


  1. Measure the desired dosage.
  2. Dissolve it in a drink, mix it with any food or take it as it is and swallow.

Please remember to Avoid taking Cannabidiol on an empty stomach and that effects take a while to show up through this method.

Sublingual Administration

CBD isolate like other Cannabidiol assortments on the market can also be administered sublingually. This is a faster way to get CBD isolate pumping through your veins as CBD is directly absorbed into blood vessels.


  1. Measure the desired dosage.
  2. Place it under your tongue for a minute or two and let it absorb.
  3. Swallow any saliva that is released.

Can you vape CBD isolate?

Yes! You definitely can.

For consuming CBD isolate as vapor, you will need a vaporizer and CBD isolate infused Ejuice. If you do not own an isolate infused vape juice, you can make your own by adding microwaved CBD isolate oil to vape juice and use it as your homemade e juice.


  1. Add your CBD isolate infused vape juice to your vaping device.
  2. Smoke isolate like you would normally smoke your E-juice. Simple!

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This is one complex method to use CBD and requires proper equipment. It is however one of the most potent ways to consume CBD. Through the lungs, it enters the bloodstream much faster than any other method.

     Things You’ll Need:

  • A water piper or housing
  • Nail
  • A wand or Cap Dabber
  • Torch Lighter


  1. Set your dabbing rig up. Fill it with water, and measure out your exact dosage.
  2. Heat the nail containing the CBD isolate to approximately (150°-200° C) with the help of a torch lighter.
  3. Make sure to avoid long exposure of heat to your CBD isolate as it will reduce its potency.
  4. Use the cap dabber or wand, directly add CBD onto the hot nail.
  5. Inhale slowly, the vapor produced.
  6. Keep rotating the wand to ensure all of your isolates gets vaporized.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

There are various benefits that come to mind when comparing CBD Isolate with other CBD products on the shelves right now.

We have outlined four reasons why CBD isolate can prove to be a better choice than any other CBD form on the market.

Of course, these reasons mentioned below do include your personal preference in them as that takes priority overall. However, you will find that no matter what your personal preference is, you will agree to the reasons mentioned below on logical grounds.

Free from THC

As mentioned above, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that you can possibly get. CBD Isolates are 99% pure CBD. This leaves any other plant material or other cousin cannabinoids of CBD out of the product you’re getting.

CBD isolate products are best for individuals who try to refrain from CBD. This could be due to a number of reasons. THC alters your senses and gets you “high”. It also shows up on a drug test therefore some individuals are skeptical when taking CBD products that if they get scanned for a drug test. This can be attributed to the stigma revolving around cannabis/hemp-derived products for centuries.

Hemp-derived CBD (except for full-spectrum CBD) does not contain any more than 0.3% THC which is the legal limit for it.

The 21st century has however nullified the orchestrated stigma around this herbaceous cannabinoid and people are welcoming this Hemp cannabinoid with open arms.


When you compare Isolate CBD with other Hemp-derived Cannabidiol oils, edibles, and tinctures, you will notice that CBD isolate is much cheaper than all of these products in terms of price per milligram of CBD.

Isolate CBD is generally sold, as mentioned above, in either crystalline form or powdered form. In terms of quantity sold, CBD isolate is commonly sold in half a gram quantities going up to a gram of pure Cannabidiol. You can lay your hands on good quality Isolate in anywhere between $25-$45 per gram in the US.

Precise Dosage

In the case of CBD oil, tinctures, and other products infused with CBD, CBD is only contained as a percentage of the total weight of that product. Therefore, identifying and pinpointing the exact dosage to take CBD oil or tincture can be a little frustrating.

This is why among all other CBD products that are available on the market, it is the easiest to measure CBD content in CBD isolate because there is no other compound/substance that you need to separate it from while measuring.(CBD measured in milligrams as a standard across the world).


CBD Isolate is an all-rounder product that lets you have the freedom to decide how you want to go about this product.

Since CBD Isolate is the purest form of Cannabidiol you could possibly get, the ways to use CBD isolate are endless. From adding it to your homemade Vape juice to amping up your brownies with a bit of CBD Isolate, you can use it however you may like.

Infuse your Mint Margarita with CBD Isolate in the evening to get a little headspace or get rid of insomnia at night by adding it in a cup of warm milk and watch its magic work.

Is CBD isolate good for pain?

CBD isolate is anti-inflammatory and painkilling in nature, which means that it is beneficial for sore muscles, post-workout pain, arthritis, and other bone and joint pains. Some researchers are even looking into it as a cure to menstrual, post-partum, and cancer pains.

How do you mix CBD isolate?

A gram of Isolate CBD means 1000mg of CBD. If you look for 1000mg of CBD in the form of tinctures, edibles, and oils, creams you will find that the prices will have been doubled or in some cases, even tripled.

If you cannot, however, lay your hands on isolate oil you can add coconut oil or MCT oil (which is a derivative of coconut oil) to your isolate crystals and convert it into CBD oil. Coconut and MCT oil works as a great carrier oil for CBD and you can find both, coconut oil and MCT oil on all CBD product descriptions.

Now you know how buying CBD isolate can prove to be an economical as well as a pure choice among other Cannabidiol products on the market.

Parting Words

We hope that this article answers your “how to use CBD isolate” question and you are on your way to using CBD isolate of your own.

However, do note that, as mentioned above, Hemp-derived CBD isolate or any other CBD product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure or any health condition.